Geology of the National Parks

A Rocking Review


Watch the Line

We've been having fun making Geosc 10 Rock Videos, proving that: 1) The material can't be too hard, because we can put it to music, and 2) There are really good reasons why Dr. Alley became a professor instead of trying out for American Idol. Most of the Rock Videos are written to review part or all of the material in a unit, although we occasionally toss in a bit of extra stuff to make it rhyme. Here, we've borrowed the tune from the great Johnny Cash hit "Walk the Line" to sing the praises of seismologists (Dr. Anandakrishnan happens to be a famous seismologist...). This video reviews a bit about earthquakes, and then shows some things we'll consider soon--volcanoes next week, and tsunamis the week after. (We never really worry about evil dictators in this course, but here's one for good measure.) So, rock on!

"Watch The Line" - Parody of Johnny Cash's hit "Walk the Line"
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Hi I'm not Johnny Cash, but I wear the black for all the geoscientists helping us live in harmony with nature. This song is for the seismologists who watch a seismic line to warn about tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, illegal explosions of atomic devices, and to find valuable things that make money. We keep a close watch on the seismic line, we keep our eyes wide open all the time. We have to find that early warning sign, so you're not dying, we watch the line. We find it very, very, easy to pay heed because tsunamis cross the ocean at great speed. For early warning systems, there's a crying need, so you're not dying, we watch the line. When Magma's moving beneath the volcano, the peak is swelling, and it's just about to blow. It shakes the ground, a warning from below, so you're not dying, we watch the line. Sometimes earthquakes make patterns we can see. Locked seismic gaps endanger you and me, but knowing where might stop a tragedy, so you're not dying, we watch the line. Evil dictators test their bombs at night. They think they've fooled us when they're out of sight, but when it shakes the ground we know it right, so you're not dying we watch the line. Things of great value are down there very near. It takes geoscientists to find them, this is clear, and you should know that it makes a great career, so you're not dying we watch the line and that does fine on the bottom line. Keeping you from dying and building up the bottom line.

Animation and video editing by Cindy Alley; videography by Eric Spielvogel; words by Richard Alley; earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes by Mother Nature.