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Module Summary and Final Tasks


Module Summary and Final Tasks

End of Module Recap:

In this module, you should have mastered the following concepts:

  • the factors contributing to sea level rise;
  • the techniques for measuring the rates of change in different places, and the result that rates of change are by no means uniform on a global basis;
  • relative versus absolute sea level change;
  • evidence for major changes in sea level in the past;
  • impacts of sea level change in low-lying coastal areas including the North Carolina Barrier Islands, the Mississippi Delta, The Netherlands, Venice, and Pacific island nations, strategies to mitigate these impacts;
  • prediction of future sea level change is extremely difficult, making it even more challenging to develop a strategy to deal with this serious threat to coastal communities in coming decades.


You should have read the contents of this module carefully, completed and submitted any labs, the Yellowdig Entry and Reply and taken the Module Quiz. If you have not done so already, please do so before moving on to the next module. Incomplete assignments will negatively impact your final grade.


  • Lab 10: Impact of Sea Level Rise on Coast Communities