Module 5 Lab



A few of our Labs in this course are considered "mini" Labs. Meaning, the work will not be as involved and they will not be worth quite as much. However, the work remains just as important.

In this Lab you will:

  • use Google Earth to examine impacts of three major storms in three locations.
  • observe and analyze, using the Google Earth timeline tool, the changes to the landscape and communities caused by the hurricanes' surges and winds;
  • compare rebuilding rates of the three communities, while considering the possible factors influencing differences in reconstruction of communities.

Lab Overview

For this short Lab, we tour three locations to view impacts from three storms: Hurricane Katrina (Aug 29, 2005) in Bay St. Louis, MS; Hurricane Sandy (Oct 31, 2012) in Atlantic City, NJ, and Hurricane Maria (Sept 20, 2017) in Playa de Humacao near Yabucao, Puerto Rico. Each of these storms were unique and each community has unique characteristics based on the geomorphology of the coastline and the details of the structures built there. While you make your observations, keep these variables in mind. You will assess that damage to the human structures (mostly individual homes) and then use the timeline to estimate the level of rebuilding that has taken place in the years following the storms. Keep in mind factors including the amount of time since the storm, the economy of the region, and the type of community you are observing. Your ability to judge details will be limited by the tools you are using (Google Earth), so you will need to estimate and use the sources provided to help fill in gaps of knowledge.



Before you begin the Lab, you will need to download the Lab worksheet. We advise you to either print or download/save the Lab worksheet, as it contains the steps you need to take to complete the Lab in Google Earth. In addition, it contains prompts for questions that you should take note of (by writing down or typing in) as you work through the Lab.

Once you have worked through all of the steps, you will go to the Module 5 Lab in Canvas to complete the Lab by answering multiple-choice questions. The answers to questions on this Lab worksheet will match choices in the multiple-choice questions in Canvas. Submit the quiz in Canvas for credit.