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Module Summary and Final Tasks


Module Summary and Final Tasks

End of Module Recap:

In this module, you should have learned the following concepts:

  • factors that cause the pH of the oceans to change and how it impacts saturation of the minerals calcite and aragonite;
  • the biology and ecology of reef environments and how they are likely to change in the future with acidification and rising temperature;
  • the potential impact of acidification on calcareous plankton groups and implications for the marine food chain;
  • the biology of harmful algae including dinoflagellates and diatoms;
  • factors that cause blooms of harmful algae, why they are likely to increase in the future, how they can be forecasted, and how they impact human health;
  • about Cyanobacteria and the factors that cause them to bloom;
  • about large jellyfish and factors that have led to major increases in their populations.


You should have read the contents of this module carefully, completed and submitted any labs, the Yellowdig Entry and Reply, and taken the Module Quiz. If you have not done so already, please do so before moving on to the next module. Incomplete assignments will negatively impact your final grade.


  • Lab 7: Reef Ecology