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Module Summary and Final Tasks


Module Summary and Final Tasks

End of Module Recap:

In this module, you should have learned the following concepts:

  • how water is distributed on the Earth's surface;
  • the processes that control the movement of water in the Earth's subsurface;
  • the causes of major problems associated with groundwater including subsidence, contamination and saltwater incursion;
  • forecasts for precipitation changes related to climate change and how they will play out in terms of groundwater;
  • major droughts in the past and their impacts on groundwater;
  • water management strategies, examples from the Murray Darling Basin;
  • desalinization technologies;
  • potential battles over water in the western US and their historical context.


You should have read the contents of this module carefully, completed and submitted any labs, the Yellowdig Entry and Reply and taken the Module Quiz. If you have not done so already, please do so before moving on to the next module. Incomplete assignments will negatively impact your final grade.


  • Lab 8: Stream Flow