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Daily Progress Evaluation

Photo illustration of a person making a Daily Progress Evaluation
Daily Progress Evaluation
Source: NOAA

The planned observation schedules of a large GPS/GNSS project usually change daily. The arrangements of upcoming sessions are often altered based on the success or failure of the previous day’s plan. Such a regrouping follows an evaluation of the day’s data. This evaluation involves examination of the observation logs as well as the data each receiver has collected. Unhealthy data, caused by cycle slips or any other source, are not always apparent to the receiver operator at the time of the observation. Therefore, a daily quality control check is a necessary preliminary step before finalizing the next day’s observation schedule. Some field supervisors prefer to compute the independent baseline vectors of each day’s work to ensure that the measurements are adequate. Obviously, if a vector has failed, it's important to know it the very day it occurred so that it can be picked up in the subsequent day or days. Neglecting the daily check could leave unsuccessful sessions undiscovered until the survey was thought to be completed. The consequences of such a situation could be expensive.